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What if I didn't receive a lawn sign? 

  • So many members of the community are participating the the Porch Parade, which means we haven't been able to provide every one with a lawn sign. We have now delivered all lawn signs, if you didn't receive one feel free to print your own sign and display it with our Porch Parade Lawn Sign PDF download!


What if I don't have a Porch? 

  • No porch? No problem! The most important part of the Porch Parade is the creativity and bringing a smile to your neighbors, so you're welcome to do that however you can. Maybe a chalk drawing on the sidewalk outside of your house? A themed window? However you want to spread the joy, you're welcome to take part, just make sure your contribution is visible from the street or sidewalk so your neighbors can appreciate it on their walks!  


​What if I don't live in Portland?

  • Everyone is invited to participate regardless of location! Lawn signs can only be delivered to the Portland Metro area, but anyone can share the joy and be included on our Porch Parade Map. 

​Can my rose garden be a part of the Porch Parade Map?

  • If your rose garden is easily visible from the sidewalk outside your home, we would love to include you on the Porch Parade Map. Use the Porch Parade registration form to register your rose garden! 


What if I don't have a lawn for my Porch Parade lawn sign?

  • If you don't have a lawn we will leave your Porch Parade lawn sign outside your front door for you to place. 

How do I know if I've successfully registered? 

  • Your house will show up on our Porch Parade Map within 3 days of your registration. If for some reason it hasn't, please contact us below with the subject "Porch Parade Application" so we can sort it out for you!


What is the Rose Festival VIP Procession?


What if I don't have a shoe box?

  • No problem! A "shoe box" float can be made of anything you already have at home. This traditional form of float building refers more to the size of your masterpiece than the origin of your base. Consider building your float on a recently delivered online order box, or an upside down brownie pan! Floats could be made entirely of craft paper or fashioned from clay...the only required material is imagination.​


Do I have to send my float to the Rose Festival?

  • Participants only need to submit photos or videos of their creations, along with the Registration Form, to participate. The actual float stays home with you. Since you get to keep your creation, feel free to include items or materials you want to keep!

What if I don’t have any craft supplies at home?

  • There are no material requirements for your float. Feel free to use anything at your disposal. Some people might find that all they need is an upturned colander, some dandelions, and a teddy bear to bring their vision to life. Get creative!

Does my shoe box float have to be covered in flowers and seeds, like the real parade floats?

  • Not at all! We hope to see floats made with all sorts of materials. You can cover your float in flowers, if you choose, but you could also cover your float in glitter or buttons or anything else you have at home.

Does it cost anything to submit an entry?

  • No! The Grand Petite Parade is free to enter and to watch. 

Will every entry be featured in the Grand Petite Parade?

  • Entries must meet the Rules and Regulations described on the Grand Petite Parade page of this website in order to qualify for the parade. The Rose Festival will curate the parade line up from eligible entries in order to meet the time and content requirements of the Facebook Live broadcast.

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